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Whitening pulling oil

Whitening pulling oil

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Get rid of plaque &tartar and bad breath
Restore your bright smile
No one likes yellow teeth. They can be enough to put some people offsmiling and impact one's self-esteem.
No more gum bleeding
If left untreated it can progress into periodontitis, a more severe formof gum disease, which leads to gum recession, tooth loss, and boneloss.

Natural ingredients

How oil pull

To start oil pulling take one tablespoon of the GuruNanda's oil andswish it around your mouth for about 2-5 min (you can do up to 10min) make sure to move it between your teeth and around your gums.After swishing, spit the oil out into a trash can or tissue, as it can clogsinks or toilets, Rinse your mouth thoroughly with water and follow upwith regular brushing and flossing.

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