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The Aero Glider

The Aero Glider

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Beat boredom with The Aero Glider, where you can master cool tricks for endless amusement

Prepare for an extraordinary flying experience with the Aero Glider Flying Spinner from Propel Aero! This innovative gadget combines the excitement of a traditional saucer with the thrill of amusement 

Withstand intense indoor and outdoor play.

Crafted with precision and durability in mind, the AeroGlide Pro is engineered to withstand intense indoor and outdoor play. Its aerodynamic design ensures smooth, stable flights, making it ideal for everyone, from beginners to seasoned enthusiasts.

Showcase your incredible skills

Experience the joy of using it as a boomerang, marveling as it returns to your hand with grace and accuracy. Challenge your friends to epic flying battles or showcase your incredible skills – the Aero Glide Flying Spinner brings boundless fun and excitement!

Perfect for both indoor and outdoor

No space restrictions here! This versatile spinner is perfect for both indoor and outdoor play, making it your ultimate adventure companion. Whether you're at the park, beach, or in your backyard, t Glide Flying Spinner guarantees hours of non-stop amusement.

Endless enjoyment

Soar to new heights with the AeroGlide Pro Flying Spinner. Propel your playtime to the next level and master thrilling tricks and aerial maneuvers. Get ready for endless enjoyment with the Aero Glide Flying Spinner.

Advanced sensor hover technology

the Intelligent Sensor & 360 ° Rotating Flight - 2023 The Aero Glider uses advanced sensor hover technology, and intelligently tests height and distance. The built-in gyro can control the accuracy and sensitivity to make it balanced, keeping the drone in 360 ° flight smoothly.

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